very respected people and best prices in town..I would recommend CFC to anybody..

Kevin Harden, Dallas TX★★★★☆“

I have used your place before to get parts for my Pontiac Grand Prix it was very simple. The parts were there and I love it.

Timothy Shelby , McKinney TX★★★★★“

Plant manager Albert has done an outstanding job making Dallas yard a well organized and clean facility. I’ve been going there for more the 20 years and it was bad really bad at one time. Thanks Ed and Luis for making the yard more safe and customer friendly.

Bryan Carr, DeSoto TX★★★★☆“

Scored a couple of good parts @ CFC for our trucks today. I sure do like that place. Reminds me of home when I was young except for having to pay for parts. LOL My siblings will get this.

Don H, Dallas TX★★★★★“

Ive been able to use CFC for just about all of my automotive needs since 1996. The workers were helpful and polite, and Id recommend them to any of my friends or family. Thanks.

Gary Williams, Dallas TX★★★★★“

Great prices, and excellent customer service!!

David Pineda, Garland TX★★★★★“

Everyone is always polite, employees are like family!!!!

Gregory Flores, Cedar Hill TX★★★★★“

So far so good. The yard I visited was organized and clean. The staff was helpful. Not the experience I had at competitors which was terrible.

Michael Parris, Plano TX★★★★★“

I love going in the yard, I find CFC to be an awesome place to get parts for my vehicle or vehicles, I’m working on.. the customer service is great, great, great…

Jeannie Uribe, Grand Prairie TX★★★★☆“

Been searching for a part for weeks until a friend mentioned CFC.

Faith Dawkins, FT Worth TX★★★★★“

I always have a fun time shopping at your yard(s) Its like a mall to me. My idea of shopping includes a tool bag and a wheelbarrow. Ray

Ray McEdwards, Arlington TX★★★★★“

Best place to get parts for your car or truck.

Juan Pablo, Dallas TX★★★★☆ “

Excellent staff, Excellent cars, without a doubt the best Junkyard in Dallas!!

John James, Desoto TX★★★★☆“

Went twice this weekend and found my wife’s car with the parts I needed but I couldn’t find mine all of them were v6 but the man in the entrance was helpful and recommended I create an account on the website to be alerted when they have any new inventory on the car I need

Juan Ramirez, Dallas TX★★★★★“

I love CFC, especially getting the email alerts about cars that I am interested in. I also like saving money every time I go there. The greatest experiences are during the great sales of 40% off. This is my favorite time to go shopping at CFC. Keep up the good work!

Luis Medina, Dallas TX★★★★☆“

Been going here for a few years now great place with a lot of vehicles to chose from

Lori Pabst, FT Worth TX★★★★★“

love this place the employees are great and very helpful

Stacy Holt, Dallas TX★★★★★“

For a guy who doesn’t do car stuff very often CFC gave me the experience I hoped for. They were quick and to the point. I paid an admission fee found my car in 2 minutes got to work got my part brought it to the counter paid a price you cant be anywhere and I was on my way. Their staff is efficient and very friendly. I will be going back soon to get some more stuff. Looking forward to it!

Alex W, Lewisville TX★★★★★“

Great experience, staff very helpful in finding my part. I WILL be coming back when the need arises… Thank You!!! Too bad the lot wasnt air conditioned.. LOL

Terry Martin, Oakcliff TX★★★★★“

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