What is a Self-Service Auto Parts Yard?

CFC RECYCLING features rows and rows of cars and trucks mounted on individual stands or pikes, neatly arranged in rows and columns, separated by vehicle manufacturer. Bring your own tools to remove the parts, drive train components or any other accessories you need to fix or improve your car. 

Why do I have to remove my own part(s)?

Removing the part yourself means we don’t have to employ mechanics to remove the part, so, we pass the savings on to you. You provide the labor, you get the savings. Our prices are far below dealer or traditional auto store prices 

Will I find high-quality auto parts? Do you supply an auto parts interchange?

Absolutely! The bulk of the parts sold in our salvage yards are original (OEM), installed by the manufacturer. We provide an auto parts interchange for our customers. If the car matching the part you need isn’t in one of our salvage yards, use the auto parts interchange. Many parts fit more than one car. Visit the check out counter to receive an auto parts interchange sheet.

Does CFC RECYCLING offer a warranty if a part doesn’t work? Am I out of luck?

If the used auto part you purchase from one of our yards does not work you have approximately 30 days to return or exchange the part.  All warranties are shown on price sheet.

Why do you charge admission?

We charge a modest fee to cover the basic maintenance of running a salvage yard. 

Does CFC RECYCLING buy junk cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs?

Yes! We’re always in the market to purchase junk vehicles. The value of your car depends on the year, make, model and condition of your car at the time of sale. Even if your vehicle has stopped running or in an accident we’ll buy it. For more information about selling your car to CFC RECYCLING, call (972)913-5078 or click GET CASH FOR MY JUNK CAR

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