CFC RECYCLING salvage yards sell used car parts to consumers looking for a cost-effective, inexpensive way to repair their vehicle and get back on the road. Visit one of our salvage yards, pull the used auto part you need, and finish the repairs yourself. There’s no mechanic, no expensive auto parts shop and no labor cost.

We purchase used vehicles from insurance companies, tow companies, charities, private parties, auto auctions and people just like you. Each of our salvage yards stock thousands of used cars and trucks. We’re constantly adding fresh used autos daily. This gives our customers the ability to find the car parts they need at an incredibly low price.

All of our salvage yards are well organized. Autos are grouped by make and model. Each used car and truck is placed on stands to make it easy to get the used auto parts you need. Before being placed in one of our salvage yards, each used car and truck is inspected and has the fluids and hazardous materials drained for recycling. CFC is committed to recycling to reduce waste in the environment and communities we serve.

A friendly CFC RECYCLING sales associate will provide you a used car part interchange to make it easier to find what you need. Once you locate the vehicle with the used auto parts you need, use your tools to remove them. When you’re finished, bring your used auto parts up to the cashier. All of our auto parts are pre-priced and posted so you will always know what the auto part costs. We also offer a warranty, so if the car part doesn’t fit or is the wrong one, don’t worry.

Contact your nearest CFC RECYCLING or call us at (972) 913-5078 for more information on how to make quality aftermarket collision products and recycled OEM products part of your next car repair.

If you are a business-to-business buyer or seller of bulk or surplus used auto parts, please contact us at: cfcautoparts@gmail.com. Before we acquire any vehicles or used auto parts, we require proper documentation from the seller.

Protecting the Environment

CFC recycles each used auto to reduce landfill waste, as well as provide low-cost alternatives to new car parts. Each vehicle has all of the fluids recycled or reused, including the Freon, mercury switches and tires. All of the metals are sorted and recycled. CFC has a rigorous program to reuse all of the used auto parts that can be re-manufactured such as alternators, starters and air compressors. In 2018, CFC RECYCLING recycled 1,298,635 gallons of gasoline, 399,576 of oil, 489,777 gallons of antifreeze and 949,662 tons of steel. Repairing your car with used or re-manufactured parts reduces energy consumption and conserves our valuable natural resources.

CFC has set the standard for environmental practices and continues to raise the bar by exceeding Federal and State guidelines. We have standardized our best management practices for managing used autos and hazardous wastes. CFC’s commitment to the environment and the communities we serve sets us apart from traditional junk yards. 

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